The Great Awakening

I personally found Q in November 2018.  In my search for truth outside of the Main Stream Media, I've found a group of highly gifted and patriotic individuals, eager to root out the evil that's been destroying nations from within.  We are here to guide people to the truth we've found when THE STORM arrives...

A Bit of Q History

WWG1WGA = Where We Go One We Go All

There are many websites that repost original 8chan Q posts.  One is

Q began posting Oct/Nov 2017.  Today there are millions worldwide who follow Q.
There are many talented researchers/journalists/authors who follow Q.

Links are included on the main WWG1WGA menu.

A Sample Q Post with comments


A Sample Q Post

A Sample Q Post with comments from Anons.  Anons are a group of highly talented researchers.


General Michael Flynn

Click to Watch him describe "An Army of Digital Soldiers."


Hollywood & Pizzagate

2 million views in first 48 hours!


The World is not as we always imagined...

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These videos have awakened millions worldwide.