gain confident assurance


Jesus Provided For Our Legal Redemption

God's Plan Finished the Job

Salvation Loosed Us from Bondage

God's Plan is called Salvation


Christ Came to Establish Peace Between God and Man.

Christ's Resurrection made Victory available for ALL mankind.  

Now God's Peace and Favor rests with those who Believe in His Son's provision.

What about unbelievers?  

They will going to Hell with their sins forgiven

God's Plan is called Salvation

Salvation Loosed Us from Bondage

God's Plan is called Salvation


Check out for yourself what all was involved in this Salvation offered to ALL people.  

The Greek definition for saved/salvation includes:  to save, deliver or protect; heal, preserve, save (self), be (make) whole; keep safe and sound; to rescue from danger or destruction; to save a suffering one (from perishing), i.e. one suffering from disease;  to make well, heal, restore to health.

Scan all the verses translated from the Greek words for salvation: 

Sozo (verb)

Sótéria (noun)

Salvation Loosed Us from Bondage

Salvation Loosed Us from Bondage

Salvation Loosed Us from Bondage


Matthew 16:19 (New Living Translation)  

"And I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. Whatever you forbid on earth will be forbidden in heaven, and whatever you permit on earth will be permitted in heaven."

We Receive Revelation

The Devil's Lies Are Exposed

Salvation Loosed Us from Bondage


The keys of the kingdom are simply the revelation that Jesus is the Christ, that He defeated Satan, and has given us the authority to enforce Christ’s victory and Satan’s defeat.

The Devil's Lies Are Exposed

The Devil's Lies Are Exposed

The Devil's Lies Are Exposed


When people are bound by the lies of the devil, they are sick, defeated, lost, etc.  (2 Cor. 4:4; Luke 13:16; Acts 10:38)

The Gospel shines light upon each one whom Satan has blinded and bound.

We Enter Into Rest

The Devil's Lies Are Exposed

The Devil's Lies Are Exposed


Because of Christ’s finished work on the cross, the devil is exposed and bound from continuing to operate in a person’s life.  That person is then loosed from his grasp.  The result is rest.   This binding and loosing of the gospel is the Kingdom of God in demonstration.

Salvation Gives Us Confidence

The leader of the trapeze troupe explains, "We do not have the net below us to catch us if we fall. The net is our assurance, our confidence, our guarantee. It gives us the ability to work at our peak performance at all times, to perfect what we do. When we can work without worry we absolutely put on our best performance every practice and every show.  Our artistic and athletic skill levels grow each time we climb up the pole to the swings. Without the net below us we would not be the best trapeze artists in the world".

The New Covenant is every born-again believer's safety net.  Because it is between God and Jesus, it can never be broken. Jesus made the peace with God for us, and we come under this Covenant through faith in Him and His completed work on the cross. This Covenant is our guarantee, our assurance, our promise, and our confidence.

We now have the ability to live life to the fullest (John 10:10) without worrying that He is looking at our performance to give us value or worth.  In confidence we can be exactly who God has created us to be, use the gifts and talents He has given us, and rest assurred that He will always be there for us.

(Credit to Arthur Meintjes for the teaching)


We are More Than Conquerors Through Christ

Romans 8:37  “Yet in all these things WE are more than conquerors through Him who loved us”

God calls YOU “more than a conqueror!”
Have you ever wonder what “more” than a conqueror means?

Imagine a heavy weight world final boxing championship match. Two of the world’s best fighters punching it out for potentially 12 rounds. Finally one of the boxers knocks the other one to the ground. They lift the arms of the standing boxer and declare him “the champion of the world!” They present him with a huge oversized golden belt buckle that declares his nearly achieved title: “Heavy Weight Champion of the World”. They then present him with the multi-million dollar check prize money! He’s a little bruised and battle weary, but he’s definitely won! He is a conqueror!

We watch a petit lady climb the ropes, amongst all the media attention. She pushes through the crowded ring and makes her way boldly straight towards the giant champion. The champion is pleased to see her. She stretches up on her tiptoes and kisses the boxer on the cheek.  She's his wife! She takes the multi-million dollar prize money and proudly walks away in the direction of the nearest shopping mall!


Jesus did it all! He has conquered sin (2 Corinthians 5:21), sickness (1 Peter 2:24) and poverty (2 Corinthians 8:9) for us! HE is, and always will be, the undisputed champion! And now, because of our intimate relationship with Him, we get all the benefits! This is the “nearly too good to be true news” of the gospel. This is God’s Grace! Just like the boxer who did all the fighting, Jesus has provided everything we need to be victorious. And now, just like the boxer’s wife, we can receive it all through faith in His victory!
Through your faith in the finished work of Jesus, you are MORE THAN A CONQUEROR!

Believe it by faith today!